Family Session at Glencairn Gardens – Rock Hill Family Photographer

We smelled the flowers, hid behind trees, looked into a big tree stump and laughed at our reflections in the fountain.  All before 8:30 am.  What an awesome morning at Glencairn Gardens.   One of the things I love most about fall is that families start thinking about family photos.  There’s something about the back to school and holiday time frame that always reminds folks that it’s time to get new photos made.  Early mornings in the fall the weather is great (last Saturday it was mid 70s!), the days are still long enough that you don’t have to get up too early to have perfect light, and knocking out the session first thing leaves plenty of time for football games later in the day. :-)

Little Delaney was one of the happiest, go-with-the-flow kiddos I’ve ever met.  She walked the whole park barefoot and smiling for an hour and a half.  Her #1 goal in life is to do everything her big brother Blake does.  “Me, me!” her cute little voice said as she toddled around Glencairn after Blake.  One of the sweetest little duos I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s one of my favorites from the session….just perfect.  I love her little tongue sticking out as she smiles at Mom. :-)

There’s nothing that makes a little guy smile bigger than turning him upside down!  Blake was all smiles playing with Dad. :-)
“Me, me” – and Delaney goes upside down too!  These stairs at Glencairn are awesome – I think Blake went up and down them about 10 times while Delaney made it once, but she wasn’t about to miss a single step he took!
What a sweet big brother. :-)  I think the thing I actually love most about this shot is that Blake is holding a matchbox car in his hand.  Little boys LOVE their cars, and Blake pushed this little green truck all over Glencairn.  I can just imagine Mom & Dad looking back on this photo when these two are off at college and I think her little dress and his little car totally tell the story of the day.
Towards the end of the session the grandparents stopped by for a couple of quick photos and that brought out a fresh batch of smiles from the little ones.  I love Blake’s smile in this one (notice the truck still in his left hand :-)) and Delaney is just hanging out with Grandpa watching big brother.  I’m sure she’s thinking “Me, me!”
As we were leaving the park Dad spotted this water fountain and Blake’s eyes totally lit up.  He was big enough to push the button but not quite tall enough to reach the water so he held the button for everyone else to get a drink. :-)
When Alice first contacted me about doing some family photos I suggested some ice cream at the end of the session just to spice things up a bit. Blake & Delaney are the perfect age to enjoy the ice cream and totally not care if their hands get sticky or if it drips all over the place.  Alice was on board immediately (I LOVE fun Moms!) and Delaney even changed into her ice cream dress for the occasion. :-)
Blake quickly realized that the cone had chocolate on it so he started eating it cone first which was awesome, but every few bites he’d go back in for a good lick.  I’d love to know what Delaney is thinking here, her face looks completely satisfied like “Yeah, ice cream for breakfast.  We should do this every day.”  HUGE thanks to Alice, Kevin, Blake & Delaney for letting me capture some memories of your family this fall.  I had a great time and loved seeing y’all again!

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