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It’s always amazing to me to see how much we pack into the summer.  The warm weather months seem to go by so fast, and if we aren’t intentional about it we’ve found that we spend way too much time in front of a screen or behind a desk.  Since we didn’t take a big vacation this year we’ve tried to schedule several “day-cations” throughout the summer and I’m really happy with how much time we’ve spent enjoying the outdoors mid-week and on the weekends.  As per usual, my insta-feed is mostly books, food and an over-domesticated fur baby, but I love seeing lots of water, napping and adventure in this year’s collection.  Thanks to the summer of 2014 for being fun and relaxing, and Happy Fall Y’all!


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A chalk outline….horrible mug shots…crime scene tape.  I’ll have “Things I never thought I’d google” for 500 Alex.  But oh yes, they were googled, and the trusty sidekick of a search engine didn’t disappoint.

On Saturday we had 6 friends over for a Murder Mystery Dinner Party (check and mark to goal #7) and it was way too much fun!  We found this series of games online and after reading reviews and looking at the different theme options we went with “The Watersdown Affair” which was a murder set at a huge English mansion.  Unfortunately our host, Sir Roger Watersdown, suffered an untimely death just as the party began and was found face down in the pool.  Tragic.  But that didn’t stop the party or the fun as we spent the next 3 hours accusing each other of falsifying wills, stealing keys, peeping into windows and cheating on spouses.  At the end of the night the truth came out and the guilty party was escorted off of the premises.

murder mystery dinner-9
murder mystery dinner-6
murder mystery dinner-8

The suggested menu for the evening was roast beef and yorkshire pudding but we tried the menu ahead of time to test it out and we were underwhelmed.  So, we went with several tried and true recipes that we knew were sure to please.

Rosemary and Olive Foccaia Bread (with balsamic and olive oil for dipping) from Provisions at Waxhaw
My favorite Feta dip
Pioneer Woman’s Puff Pastry Pizza

Annie’s Eats Chicken Parmesan Meatballs with fresh pasta from Pasta & Provisions
Italian Salad with dressing and fresh bread from Provisions at Waxhaw

Giada’s Individual Strawberry Trifles

murder mystery dinner-3
murder mystery dinner-4
murder mystery dinner-5
photo (6)

All suspects aren’t pictured to protect the innocent (and the guilty), but as the hosts we felt obligated to confess our involvement with the evening’s activities.;-) This was definitely an evening to remember and we had a BLAST!

murder mystery dinner-1
murder mystery dinner-2

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We haven’t taken a week-long vacation this year so we’ve tried to fit in little mini day-cations whenever possible just to force us to relax a bit.  This past week we decided to take a random Thursday off of work and knock out goal #89 – Spend a day at a water park.  My favorite water park in the area is Whitewater in Atlanta, GA, but logistically we just couldn’t make that happen so we stuck close to home and went out to Boomerang Bay for the day.  Four hours in the water and sun with no agenda and no emails is good for the soul!  We should really do this more often.;-)

(FYI – all of these photos were taken with my iphone in a water proof housing.)

101 in 1001-1
101 in 1001-2
101 in 1001-3
101 in 1001-4
101 in 1001-5
101 in 1001-6
101 in 1001-7
101 in 1001-8

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