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When I put goal #21 (Read the Entire Bible) on my list almost 3 years ago I really thought it was one I’d knock out in year 1.  I mean, I’m a reader for goodness sakes, let’s get this party started!  But unfortunately, my reading interests tend to focus mostly on fiction, fantasy, and the like.  I’ve never been a big  history buff, and reading the Bible falls squarely into the history category.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the stories, in fact, some of them are amazing.  It’s just that in addition to the great stories like Jonah, Esther and Noah, there are also pages upon pages of war, destruction and people turning their backs on God.  The God that has saved them over, and over, and over again.  So while I spent a few days cheering for Esther and Noah, I also found myself getting very frustrated with the constant battle for good vs evil and watching people turn away from God on every other page.  What I thought would be an interesting read (reading it as a total book instead of studying individual pieces), turned out to be very frustrating and I had to take a break every now and then.

So, almost 3 years later – I’m happy to say that I can now check this one off of my list.  And I’m even happier to say that I found some new favorite books that I’d always overlooked (James) and I’ve grown to love certain characters even more than I thought possible (Ruth, Esther, James, and Paul).  Towards the end of this journey I heard about “The Story” – which is basically the Bible written in chronological form with narrations.  So, after reading the actual Bible cover to cover, I decided to also tack “The Story” onto this goal and say that this one was complete after I’d read both.  If you’ve ever started reading the Bible and stopped or if you just want to see what the Bible is all about I’d highly recommend “The Story”.  It’s very helpful to read things chronologically, and the narrative additions really help tie things together and paint a bigger picture.  It has 31 chapters, so it’s perfect for a one month read of a chapter each day, so it shouldn’t be a three year journey like my recent efforts!

This goal was by far one of the most time consuming and challenging goals for me, and I’m happy to say that I learned, I grew and I’d highly recommend it to others.  Check and mark to goal #21!


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This year for my birthday my parents gave me a circular saw.  Total surprise, I had no idea this is what they were getting me.  All the best gifts usually are surprises, just like my speak n spell in the 1st grade.  But I digress.  Now, to some this might seem odd, but I grew up as “Daddy’s Helper” my whole life so to me power tools are exciting!  My only problem was deciding what my first project should be!  I saw some DIY scrabble wall tiles online and I felt like it would give me a good chance to get used to the saw and make lots of short, straight cuts.  And I’m happy to say that it worked like a charm.  Project #2 is on schedule for this weekend!:-)


Cut and sanded – 22 blocks of wood just waiting to become scrabble tiles.;-)


I found some scrabble tile printables online, resized them to 6×6 and did a quick pencil trace transfer then painted them with black paint.


2 coats of stain applied while watching The Princess Bride - Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday…..You Warthog faced buffon!:-)


And it’s up!  I totally love it!  Eventually there will be photos on each side, but for now, we move on to project #2 – a blanket ladder!


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I’ve got about 75 days left until my 1,001st day, so I’m trying to fit in as many goals as possible!  This week we decided to play 9 holes at Sun City and then have a picnic in the park afterward – 2 goals in 4 hours.  Efficiency at it’s best!  And as usual, a HUGE thanks to the Hubs for supporting my crazy goal lists and ideas of what constitutes “fun” on a Thursday afternoon.;-)

Goal #48 – Play golf in Sun City.  My golf game has very strict weather restrictions, so this is totally my fault for putting this goal off until the blazing hot summer months.  Usually any day over 72 and slightly overcast deems it un-golf friendly for my standards, but we braved the heat, humidity and sand traps for 9 holes out at Sun City.  It’s been about 2 years since I’ve last played (and I use that term loosely), but I was happy to see my Shelby club head cover strapped into the back of the cart cheering me on.  Golf for me is really about the shoes and club accessories and my game reflects that admirably. Check and mark goal #48!


Goal #3 – Picnic in the Park.  How in the world did it take me 3 years to have a picnic?  This seems like a huge failure on our part because picnics are very underrated.  We decided to check out the Anne Springs Greenway concert series after our round of golf and it didn’t disappoint.  True Crafted pizza, the sounds of Motown and a handsome date.  Probably the best Thursday night we’ve had in a while!  Of course you’d think I would take a picture of the band, the picnic, or us, but instead I took a photo of the people crazy enough to climb up into the grain silo.  You’ll just have to take my word for it – there was a picnic and we enjoyed every morsel. Check and mark to goal #3!


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